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Markus White

Washington Redskins



Florida State

Strength: Markus White has a reputation as a hard worker and a team leader. Markus White has ideal size for a 3-4 outside linebacker. Markus White was a productive defensive end in college against the run and pass. Markus White uses his powerful legs to penetrate and hold position.
Weakness: Markus White brings some medical questions with him, though many point to the overcoming of these as proof of character. Markus White doesn't have top end speed or athleticism. In spite of his height and weight, Markus White doesn't play with much upper body strength.
Development: Markus White is athletically similar to Rob Jackson coming out of college, but with a lot more college production. If he can make the practice squad, his career path should be similar as well. Also, White will have to immediately learn the OLB position coming into the league without the usual set of practice sessions and training camps. This makes it very unlikely he'll even be considered for a roster spot in 2011. However, for a seventh rounder, he is definitely an upside project pick. If Washington can convert him into a big OLB with adequate pass coverage skills, he has everything else he needs athletically to be a solid OLB some day. His work ethic and high motor make it seem likely that he'll be able to make the transition if he sticks around long enough.
Fantasy Football Rating: Strong history of sacks and tackles for loss, but unlikely to play much, if at all, in 2011.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Productive with ideal build, but may lack size, speed, and experience to play OLB: Project.

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