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Maurice Hurt

Washington Redskins




Strength: Maurice Hurt has experience against top competition at both guard and tackle. Maurice Hurt engages defenders very well with his hands and wins battles by keeping them off-balance and away from his body.
Weakness: Despite his size and use of hands, Maurice Hurt has below average upper body strength. Maurice Hurt has several medical red flags, though he appeared healthy during his senior season.
Development: Maurice Hurt is curiously similar to Derrick Dockery, but a bit smaller, weaker, less athletic, and less accomplished coming out of college. The only thing I can figure is that the Redskins are counting on him playing with more intensity. He certainly has the credentials and natural build to develop into a guard at the NFL level, but seems a poor fit for Washington's offense. He would have to get on a very serious conditioning program to have a shot at a roster spot this year, despite being the first offensive lineman drafted by a team severely deficient in depth. That lack of depth makes a practice squad spot a good possibility for Maurice Hurt. Down the road he could be developed into a productive offensive guard in the right offense.
Fantasy Football Rating: Not a good thing for the offense, if he's starting this season.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Experienced with ideal frame, but fitness and athleticism deficiencies. Maurice Hurt is a fitness and technique project.

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