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Brandyn Thompson

Washington Redskins



Boise State

Strength: Brandyn Thompson is quick and agile. Brandyn Thompson has made a lot of game changing plays against top competition. Brandyn Thompson has consistently created turnovers. Brandyn Thompson has natural coverage instincts and has learned to read plays well. Brandyn Thompson shows a willingness to make plays against the run and on special teams.
Weakness: Brandyn Thompson is shorter than ideal for a defensive back. Brandyn Thompson was a tenth of a second slower in his 40 times than expected. Brandyn Thompson often gets burned gambling for turnovers.
Development: Brandyn Thompson is one of those guys who produced in college and then fizzled in workouts. If he were taller, his poor combine results might not have hurt much. But, as a small cornerback his workout numbers probably dropped him two to three rounds in the draft. Many teams didn't even intend to draft him, but the Redskins liked him all along because he brings experience, toughness, and a propensity to create turnovers. Further, he plays with ideal cornerback change of direction, adjustment, and anticipation skills. Though his strength is creating turnovers, he will have to improve his decision making about when to gamble, as NFL receivers are a lot less forgiving of mistakes. If he works on fundamentals, there is nothing to prevent him from becoming a solid NFL cornerback. In the short term he faces an uphill battle for a roster spot as a special teammer and backup nickel back, with a practice squad spot his to lose.
Fantasy Football Rating: History of interceptions.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Physically deficient with a history of gameday production and game changing plays.

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