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Aldrick Robinson

Washington Redskins




Strength: Aldrick Robinson was one of the quickest and most agile players in the 2011 NFL draft. Aldrick Robinson plays with great speed, suddenness, and acceleration. Aldrick Robinson shows special skills coming down with the ball in jump ball situations, despite his size.
Weakness: Aldrick Robinson has a small, lean frame and doesn't run with much power, though he keeps himself in excellent shape.
Development: It is unlikely that Washington intended to draft three wide receivers in this draft. Aldrick Robinson is very similar to Anthony Armstrong and Terrence Austin in terms of his build, athleticism, explosiveness, and statistical history. The most likely outcome would be that he follows a career path like theirs, unless he can win the kick and/or punt return job outright. That means he'll probably be auditioning for a practice squad spot with an eye on a future as a special teams player and part time wide receiver. However, the fact that Washington drafted a third wide receiver in the draft with two similar receivers already on the roster and Brandon Banks as a promising returner already on the roster lends itself to the idea that the Redskins believe Aldrick Robinson was just too good of a player to pass up in the sixth round. Still, it is extremely unlikely that he'll win a starting WR job as a rookie, even though the depth chart is lacking veterans at this point. He has the type of explosiveness that coaches dream of getting on the field and developing, but it rarely works itself into a long time NFL career as anything other than a returner. An additional advantage Aldrick Robinson has over all of the other young receivers on the roster is his ability to get consistent separation in his routes, whether against jams, while running slants, or while running posts. So the questions for his future as a wide receiver will be about whether with hard work he is able to overcome his size limitations with his athletic gifts. It appears he's going to be given every opportunity to prove himself as a future wide receiver option and a present returner.
Fantasy Football Rating: History and athleticism show he'll have a high ratio of long-yardage plays.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Undersized speedster. Constant big-play threat. NFL caliber returner.

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