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Evan Royster

Washington Redskins



Penn State

Strength: Evan Royster is a very experienced running back. Evan Royster shows good vision and determination with the ball. Evan Royster consistently put up good rushing averages against good competition. Evan Royster has an ideal build for an NFL running back. Evan Royster has been an extremely durable running back.
Weakness: Evan Royster has had an unusually high number of carries as both a high school and college running back. Evan Royster has below average running back speed, acceleration, quickness, and agility.
Development: Evan Royster has more in common with a veteran NFL running back than with the average rookie running back. He doesn't have the speed or moves of most rookie running backs, but he's racked up a lot of carries and knows what he's doing on the football field. His long history shows he always produces, regardless of athletic measurables. He should compete for a starting job right away, primarily because he's the type of runner who can handle a 35 touches per game load and he already knows what to do on the football field, whether running, blocking, or receiving. He does need to work more on his concentration when blocking. The most likely early result will be a battle for a job as the short yardage back, third down back, and special teams slot. His best chance for a roster spot is his versatility and his best chance for playing time is his reliability. What he has that most backs don't have is his vision and quick reactions to what he sees.
Fantasy Football Rating: Has always put up good rushing average numbers and has red-zone skills as a runner and receiver.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Experienced and ready to play, Evan Royster is a constant positive yardage back and team player, but not a threat to create many long yardage plays.

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