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Ryan Kerrigan

Washington Redskins




Strength: Ryan Kerrigan has good speed for a defensive end and above average speed for a linebacker. Ryan Kerrigan was consistently able to get around good offensive linemen on pass rushing downs. Ryan Kerrigan was one of the better run stopping defensive linemen in college football, both at the point of attack and in pursuit. Ryan Kerrigan has ideal size, strength, agility, intelligence, and speed for a 3-4 outside linebacker. Ryan Kerrigan is known as a tireless, full-effort worker both in the weight room and in games.
Weakness: Ryan Kerrigan has very limited experience at either linebacker or 3-4 defensive end. Ryan Kerrigan has little pass coverage experience.
Development: Ryan Kerrigan was expected to be a middle first round pick, but only as a defensive end for a 4-3 team. He is a bit larger than your typical outside linebacker. However, his size and agility make him an ideal fit for the 3-4 end position on pass rushing downs. His agility, speed, and football intelligence during pre-draft workouts, suddenly transformed him into a real possibility as an OLB draft pick, as happened when the Redskins took him at #16. His makeup is similar to Orakpo, though he is a little less experienced working in coverage and a little more accomplished at the point of attack against the run than Orakpo was coming out of college. He is going to be a big project in his conversion to OLB, where he must be able to at least show competence against the pass in order to share significant time on the field opposite of Orakpo. His rate of development, where he plays, and how often he plays will be dependent on his ability to learn how to make reads and coverage adjustments, both mentally and physically. His pass rushing skills are ready to go as a starter in the NFL. There is no doubt he'll make big pass rush plays right from the start of his NFL career. Additionally, he's a polished run stopper and will soon make his impact known there. So the question is only how quickly he can adapt to playing in coverage and space 15 or so plays per game. Even if he were to struggle in coverage or making reads, he should still find a place in the NFL as a 4-3 end.
Fantasy Football Rating: Ryan Kerrigan has always been and should always be a big time stats producer in terms of sacks, tackles, and forced fumbles.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: With ideal size and athleticism, to go with a good work ethic and a history of productivity, Ryan Kerrigan is ready to put up Pro Bowl numbers, but expect some missed plays early on.

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