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Niles Paul

Washington Redskins




Strength: Niles Paul has extensive special teams experience as a blocker, returner, and cover man. Niles Paul has the blocking skills of a tight end, aided by good overall strength. Niles Paul is a big receiver who has been moderately successful against top college competition. Niles Paul has excellent quickness and agility for a big receiver.
Weakness: Niles Paul has a colorful legal history. Niles Paul didn't put up big numbers as a college receiver. Niles Paul has small hands and short arms for a receiver. Niles Paul has raw route running skills.
Development: In terms of physical skills, Niles Paul is an ideal west coast receiver. He's strong, fast, and quick. He is not only hard to grab, but he is hard to bring down without a wrap-up. He comes to Washington as an accomplished major college kick and punt returner and should challenge for both of those jobs right away. If he can stick around, he has everything teams look for in a west coast wide receiver of the future. Niles Paul will need to continue to work on his route running skills and use concentration to overcome his small hands, while avoiding alcohol, if he is to become the outstanding NFL receiver that the rest of his attributes and history show he can be. How quickly and often he sees time on offense will be directly proportional to how well he runs routes.
Fantasy Football Rating: Threat to score whenever he touches the ball. Beware of fumbles.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal size and athleticism for a wide receiver. Polished special teams player. Big upside.

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