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DeJon Gomes

Washington Redskins




Strength: DeJon Gomes has produced big tackle and turnover numbers throughout his college career. DeJon Gomes has lined up at every defensive position except tackle. DeJon Gomes has a reputation as a hard worker with a high football IQ. DeJon Gomes shows good field vision and elusiveness with the ball in his hands. DeJon Gomes has a reputation as a high-character guy.
Weakness: DeJon Gomes has small hands. DeJon Gomes has far below average athletic skills for an NFL defensive back. DeJon Gomes lacks the quickness for man coverage of even NFL tight ends, though he's good in zone management.
Development: The Redskins drafted DeJon Gomes a lot higher than most scouts thought he'd go. DeJon Gomes is the type of guy who often goes undrafted, having been a very successful and productive player throughout his amateur playing days, but without the athleticism of your typical NFL success story. Make no mistake, DeJon Gomes is a physically fit, hard working player who so impressed coaches with his ability to stop the run that he was often played as a very undersized linebacker. He performed as well there as he did as a safety. Though all of this would seem to make him a better fit for strong safety than free safety, the one thing he does very well that Washington has lacked at the free safety position since Sean Taylor is creating turnovers. DeJon Gomes has always excelled wherever he is on the field, and should be in the competition for the primary backup job at both free safety and strong safety. His linebacker experience lends well to him as an emergency linebacker and defensive signal caller, making it much more likely that he'll find himself active on most game days, if he proves himself physically able to play safety in the NFL. He should excel on special teams, as he has excelled at every position he's played. By the middle of his first season it should be apparent whether or not he has NFL stuff.
Fantasy Football Rating: Always around the ball, often creating turnovers.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ready to go, average athlete overachiever who more than compensates with full effort and intelligence.

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