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Roy Helu

Washington Redskins




Strength: Roy Helu was a dominating runner against elite college competition. Roy Helu has ideal size, with very sturdy legs and abdominals to push through piles and accelerate through openings. Roy Helu nearly always takes the yardage available to him. Roy Helu has good hands. Roy Helu was among the best RB in all of his pre-draft leg workouts: Speed, Agility, Acceleration, Jumping.
Weakness: Roy Helu doesn't show the agility to dance around tackles, run crisp routes, or make sudden stops and starts during games. Roy Helu was rarely a part of the passing game in college. Roy Helu shows questionable upper body strength when blocking or fending off tacklers.
Development: The one guy the Redskins traded up to get in a draft full of trading downs was Roy Helu. You have to believe it is because they believe he can make an immediate contribution to the team. This seems to be an accurate assessment in terms of his running and receiving skills. He brings plenty of experience and success with him. Further, his find a hole and take it as far as it leads running style is a perfect fit for the zone blocking scheme Washington has in place. He needs only to improve his blitz pick up and general blocking skills in order to be a star in the NFL. He can further improve his performance by adding some upper body strength to shed high tacklers and maintain blocks. His biggest obstacle will be a proven, but injury prone incumbent and a more experienced and polished Evan Royster. He will easily be the most physically gifted running back on the roster and should eventually be the starter if he works hard on his blocking. If he stays healthy, Roy Helu's running ability should make him a semi-rare 4th round star in the NFL.
Fantasy Football Rating: Offensive line dependent.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Prototype athletic fit for Shanahan offense.

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