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Trent Williams

Washington Redskins




Strength: Trent Williams has very impressive speed for an offensive lineman. Trent Williams has dominated some of the best defensive linemen in college football. Trent Williams has experience at both LT and RT. Trent Williams is a powerful run blocker with the speed to lead running backs through the secondary. Trent Williams has a reputation for being a hard worker.
Weakness: Trent Williams has some footwork and handwork issues as a pass blocker.
Development: Trent Williams was drafted to step in from day one as the anchor of the Redskins offensive line, yet by most accounts he was the least NFL-ready of the first round linemen taken in the draft. The idea is that the speed and athleticism he displayed at the combine point to him as having the greatest potential down the road, while hoping that the fact that he was a steady 4-year tackle at Oklahoma means that he can at least step in and not embarrass himself in the mean time. Indeed, Trent Williams's dominance in big-conference college football does point to the fact that he isn't merely a scouting combine wonder draft pick, but he will have to prove he is an even harder worker than his reputation indicates if he is going to be even an average NFL LT during his rookie season. It may be hard to predict what a year or two of coaching and hard work can do for him, but it is fair to expect that as a worst case scenario Trent Williams will be a better than average offensive lineman. He could probably step in at OG and be above average right now, but the Redskins are in a desperate situation and Trent Williams will be given every chance to prove he can be a star OT in the NFL.
Fantasy Football Rating: Trent Williams is an NFL-ready run blocker who should improve Washington's rushing statistics immediately. Watch out for the whiff sacks that can plague rookies.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Proven. Ideal athlete-size ratios. Franchise player project.

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