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Terrence Austin

Washington Redskins




Strength: Terrence Austin has better than average speed for a WR. Terrence Austin was a productive college receiver. Terrence Austin is a very experienced and consistent kick returner and punt returner.
Weakness: Terrence Austin is very small for an NFL WR. Terrence Austin's speed didn't translate into big plays at the college level. Terrence Austin isn't really quick or elusive for small receiver.
Development: It is not uncommon to see teams throw 7th round draft picks at WRs, RBs, or DBs who haven't done much at their primary positions, but that they believe will be special as kick returners and punt returners. The curious thing about Terrence Austin is that for all of his experience, he had very few eye-popping plays on special teams in college, yet he was drafted ahead of a lot of players who have had such plays and who are more likely to see playing time at their primary positions. It would be surprising for Terrence Austin to make the Redskins roster, unless he wins the punt returner job. Terrence Austin is a reliable receiver and he has great speed, but he may not even go into training camp in the top 10 on the WR depth chart. He is ready to go as an NFL punt returner, with the upside being that he won't make mistakes that hurt his team, while he usually goes North with the ball. At his size, he is unlikely to stick around long if someone else wins the job, unless the team holds him on the practice squad as insurance. If he breaks a few big plays during training camp or the exhibition season, he could find himself in the NFL a long time. Otherwise, this is just an insurance pick.
Fantasy Football Rating: Terrence Austin is consistent and productive on special teams, but don't expect many touchdowns.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ready-to-go positional insurance policy.

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