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Selvish Capers

Washington Redskins



West Virginia

Strength: Selvish Capers has an ideal offensive tackle build, but plays even stronger than his size. Selvish Capers is an above-average athlete as an offensive lineman. Selvish Capers has ideal quickness for zone blocking and for leading backs into the second or third level on running plays.
Weakness: Selvish Capers is infamous for his poor footwork. Selvish Capers has little experience in an NFL-style blocking scheme.
Development: Selvish Capers was supposed to be a first or second round draft pick, yet somehow every team in the league passed on him for more than 6 rounds. Selvish Capers has the elite athleticism of a first round lineman, but he is considered a very raw project. While he is widely considered a sure thing to make it in the NFL, how far he'll go is in doubt. He'll have to come out and work hard for the Redskins and show that his athleticism is enough to overcome his flaws, as he improves his technique steadily over time in order to make a roster spot. Because of his athleticism and upside potential, Selvish Capers is a rare 7th round pick in that a roster spot is pretty much his to lose. That is even more surprising when you consider he doesn't have the experience to be considered a viable backup as a guard or center during his rookie season. But, it wouldn't be surprising to see him playing on all of the special teams coverage units, as he can get down the field in a hurry once he gets going.
Fantasy Football Rating: Should be a difference maker in the future.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Proven, yet technically raw prospect with ideal size and athleticism.

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