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Perry Riley

Washington Redskins




Strength: Perry Riley is a powerful tackler. Perry Riley has ideal strength for an NFL 3-4 ILB. Perry Riley has extensive special teams experience.
Weakness: Perry Riley played mostly OLB in college, though he lacks the speed to play that position in an NFL 4-3 defense. Perry Riley has average quickness for his size and will struggle in pass coverage against multiple moves and misdirection plays.
Development: Perry Riley is a safe pick, as a guy with a productive major college football resume. Even though his experience is at outside linebacker, his instincts are clearly those of a MLB or ILB. The Redskins would feel safe putting him in on running plays from the start, as Perry Riley is the kind of linebacker who can destroy running plays by avoiding or running over blockers and stopping backs cold. However, he's got a long way to go in most aspects of pass defense and is unlikely to see the field in such a capacity until he improves. Fortunately, the Redskins already have several ILB candidates who are better than average in pass coverage and won't be needing Perry Riley to do that in his rookie season. Unless Perry Riley just goes out and looks hopeless in pass play situations, he has a very good shot at being one of the leading special teams coverage guys for the Redskins in 2010.
Fantasy Football Rating: Perry Riley is a tackle machine whenever and wherever he plays.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Proven big-college run defender with a big build who is always making plays on ball carriers.

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