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Shay Hodge

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Shay Hodge is a relatively polished route runner coming out of college. Shay Hodge was a productive major conference college receiver. Shay Hodge has a propensity to make big plays at important moments.
Weakness: Shay Hodge had relatively disappointing NFL scouting combine and pro day workout numbers. He has trouble catching catchable balls in a manner strikingly similar to a player the Redskins once had with the nickname "50-50", which may explain why Shay Hodge was available as a rookie free agent.
Development: Shay Hodge has never appeared to lack the talent to do what he wants to do on a football field, but some have questioned his desire to do it consistently. In spite of being gifted with a good body, his workout numbers were mainly pedestrian at best. Still, he is very athletic and can run NFL-quality routes, which places him in a position ahead of many drafted wide receivers. If he works hard, he certainly has everything necessary to be a possession receiver who can break off a long one now and then. In the mean time, he is spending the offseason as the last man on a Redskins depth chart that goes into the double digits at WR. If he doesn't show up as special on special teams he has no chance at a roster spot. He may still have a shot at the practice squad, but Shay Hodge will have to continually make big plays after that to even stick around the NFL. Should he somehow be impressive enough to earn a roster spot this year, there is no reason to think he lacks what it takes to make it in the NFL.
Fantasy Football Rating: Check back in a few years or after a few WR injuries.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Now or never prospect with history of productivity. Must be the most impressive player in every practice and game to get his shot.

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