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Logan Paulsen

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Logan Paulsen is a very good blocker. Logan Paulsen has ideal tight end size. Logan Paulsen put up good receiving numbers in college, in spite of splitting time at tight end and working primarily as a blocker. Logan Paulsen is an intelligent player. Logan Paulsen has a reputation as a hard worker.
Weakness: Logan Paulsen wasn't a redzone threat in college.
Development: Logan Paulsen comes in at the bottom of the depth chart at TE, but with blocking skills unmatched by any TE in front of him. With the Redskins having perhaps the best tight end receiving tandem in the league, Logan Paulsen may find himself on the roster by virtue of the team not needing anything more than a blocker and special teams player as the third tight end. His ability to develop as a special teammer will be crucial. His ability as a blocker could also make Logan Paulsen the type of versatile player that could be useful as an offensive lineman in punt formations and as an occasional goal-line fullback. He would also likely serve as an emergency offensive lineman on gamedays.
Fantasy Football Rating: Should immediately help short yardage run game and pass blocking if he makes the roster.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ready-to-go blocking tight end.

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