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Keiland Williams

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Keiland Williams is an explosive runner who consistently made big plays with the ball in his hands. Keiland Williams has ideal RB size. Keiland Williams has special teams experience.
Weakness: Keiland Williams couldn't even earn a starting job in college. Keiland Williams is coming off of a recent injury, though little wear was put on his body as a part-time player in college.
Development: Keiland Williams is the type of classic big-back teams looked for twenty years ago, combining quick feet with power and burst. He might remind some of a Thurmond Thomas type, though not quite as accomplished at picking his holes or running routes. Whenever the ball comes near him, good things seem to happen. He really has the talent necessary to be a starting NFL running back, but he didn't even manage to become a starting back in college. This also means he brings relatively fresh legs to the NFL. His chances of making the roster seem very remote, unless he somehow wins the punt returner competition against guys with more experience as returners. On his side, the guys above him on the roster are older players who may be more prone to injury and may not stick around more than a year or two. Keiland Williams has a very good chance of making the practice squad. The practice squad would be a good place for him to brush up on his technique as a blocker, runner, and route runner.
Fantasy Football Rating: Very explosive player who has goal-line skills.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Prototype running back facing overwhelming near-term competition.

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