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Brandon Banks

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent

Kansas State

Strength: Brandon Banks is an explosive kick returner and punt returner. Brandon Banks was a successful major college football conference player as both a return specialist and receiver.
Weakness: Brandon Banks may be the smallest WR in the NFL, if he makes a roster.
Development: It would have made a lot more sense for the Redskins to take Brandon Banks with the 219th pick and to sign Terrence Austin as a rookie free agent to compete with him for the primary punt returner and kicker returner, while filling the 6th WR slot. However, it worked out for the Redskins, as they signed both, creating the type of healthy competition at every position that the incoming coach wants at the start of his tenure. I mention all of this because Brandon Banks provides the great speed and a college history of turning it into big plays on special teams that usually results in a late round pick. Further, like Austin, Brandon Banks has shown himself to be a capable wide receiver who can stretch a defense. The concern with Brandon Banks will always be how much pounding he can take, so it is unlikely the team will ever want him touching the ball more than 10 times per game. However, every time Brandon Banks touches the ball there is that feel that he could go all the way to the end zone with it. Brandon Banks is ready to go as an NFL return man, so whether he makes a roster spot will depend upon how many WRs are ahead of him on the roster and whether anyone assured of a roster spot shows consistency and explosiveness in the return game. If rosters were unlimited, there is little doubt Brandon Banks would be the primary return man, so his roster shot is going to come down to a numbers game and how the roster shakes out for the Redskins.
Fantasy Football Rating: Not a red-zone threat, but a threat to score from anywhere on any play.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Prototypical return specialist.

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