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Anderson Russell

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent

Ohio State

Strength: Anderson Russell was a productive player for several years against top college competition. Anderson Russell made a lot of big plays in college. Anderson Russell has a reputation as a hard worker. Anderson Russell has good coverage skills.
Weakness: Anderson Russell is a bit undersized as a safety. Anderson Russell gave up a lot of big plays in college.
Development: Anderson Russell is a curious player coming out of college. After his first couple of seasons, he seemed like a future day one draft pick. From then on, he made a lot of big mistakes to allow touchdowns and was regularly on the verge of losing his starting job. Anderson Russell will need to make those mistakes disappear quickly to stick with the Redskins. He has all of the skills and intelligence needed to play at the next level. He has also shown the ability to make big plays. Anderson Russell will need to go mistake free during training camp to have a shot at the Redskins practice squad. If he can go mistake free and make a few big plays, he could easily take one of the four or five available safety spots.
Fantasy Football Rating: Big play potential if he can find a way into a starting job.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: A productive college player with adequate skills, Anderson Russell must quickly become a consistent player to make it in the NFL.

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