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Erik Cook

Washington Redskins



New Mexico

Strength: Erik Cook has had some experience at all of the offensive line positions. Erik Cook has the size to play guard or tackle in the NFL. Erik Cook has a reputation as an intelligent, hard-working leader on and off the field.
Weakness: Erik Cook is taller than ideal for a center. Erik Cook is a little slow for the tackle position.
Development: Erik Cook is an experienced, intelligent player who still has a lot of hand and foot technique to work on at the NFL level. The Redskins have gone through a lot of players like him in recent years without finding much success. Erik Cook's versatility and intelligence may be enough to separate him, as it is hard to find guys who can play every position on the line without mental screw ups with each position change. He brings an NFL veteran mentality to the line, but with fresh legs. Erik Cook has a 50-50 chance at earning a roster spot as the primary backup at center, secondary backup at guard, and emergency backup at tackle. If he doesn't earn a roster spot, a practice squad spot is pretty much his to lose.
Fantasy Football Rating: He makes everyone around him better.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Intelligent, versatile lineman with size. Leader.

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