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Dennis Morris

Washington Redskins



Louisiana Tech

Strength: Dennis Morris has exceptional hands and ball-adjustment skills for a man of his dimensions. Dennis Morris uses his body and quickness well to shield defenders from the ball as a receiver. Dennis Morris has deceptive speed for his size. Though primarily a tight end, Dennis Morris has experience coming out of the backfield as both a receiver and as a fullback.
Weakness: Dennis Morris is short for a tight end.
Development: A lot of people were surprised when the Redskins, a team stacked with tight ends, selected Dennis Morris in the draft with the team having much more urgent holes to fill. But Dennis Morris has some intangibles that make him more likely to stick on a roster than your average 6th round pick. The fact is, tight end is just one of many positions the Redskins expect Dennis Morris to play well right from the start. In fact, it'll probably be his fourth position, behind fullback, h-back, and special teams coverage. Dennis Morris was selected because he provides a lot of versatility. Dennis Morris is pretty much ready to go as an NFL contributor and should only get better as he gains a better understanding of each of the positions he'll be asked to play. I'm one of the few scouts who believe his chances of making the Redskins roster is at least 50-50, even coming out of the gate 3rd on the depth chart at FB and 6th at TE. Basically Dennis Morris is the type of athlete who can play several positions well, while still taking up only one roster spot.
Fantasy Football Rating: Likely to get most of playing time on special teams early in career. Should be redzone pass catching fullback eventually.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Undersized overachiever.

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