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Marko Mitchell

Washington Redskins




Strength: Marko Mitchell has the ideal combination of size and speed for the wide receiver position. Marko Mitchell makes a lot of athletic plays on the ball and has surprising quickness for his size. Marko Mitchell showed rare explosiveness and productivity in college.
Weakness: Marko Mitchell's route running skills are rudimentary at best. Marko Mitchell has a reputation of failing to make the big play in the big game.
Development: Marko Mitchell has everything coaches look for in an outside receiver for the West Cost offense. He was a good value pick late in the draft, providing 1st round tools. Of course, he was still around because of how raw his skills are and some inconsistency issues. If he can work hard to master the offense and his routes, there is no reason he shouldn't be successful in the NFL. It's basically up to him. The biggest problem for Marko Mitchell may be that he has to convince the team to carry six receivers or cut a West Coast-experienced veteran NFL receiver. It is unlikely he could be retained on the practice squad, as his size and speed combination alone should get him on a roster this year. If he shows a quick mastery of the offense and disproves questions about his consistency, the Redskins will find a way to get him into games in 2009. If he develops as slowly as the last year's picks, the Redskins will have some tough choices.
Fantasy Football Rating: Huge play potential. Too much depth chart to cover this season.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Raw prototype. Project player. Will go as far as his willingness to study.

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