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Kevin Barnes

Washington Redskins




Strength: Kevin Barnes has made a name for himself as a hitter. Kevin Barnes combines good height and quickness with adequate speed for the CB position. Kevin Barnes has earned a reputation as a big play maker.
Weakness: Kevin Barnes lacks NFL strength. Kevin Barnes makes a lot of technical mistakes in positioning and movement.
Development: Because Kevin Barnes lacks high end cornerback speed, he'll have to learn to be very technically sound before he can be trusted to stay on the football field for extended lengths of time. What he has going for him is high end cornerback quickness and a willingness to get physical. Those tools allowed him to mask his flaws in college, but in the NFL he'll have to become more technically sound. If he does, those same tools could make him a very good NFL cornerback. Greg Blache likes cornerbacks who can hit because he likes to substitute them for safeties or linebackers on certain plays, so Kevin Barnes should see playing time from the start. How he performs will determine how much playing time, but he'll probably start the season competing with either Tryon or Westbrook for the #4 CB job. If he doesn't give up too many big plays, he could be competing for the #3 job by the end of the season.
Fantasy Football Rating: Big playmaker, but probably no significant statistical impact until he's a starter.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal size. Should be successful NFL player, though he will probably make some big mistakes his first couple of years.

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