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Jeremy Jarmon

Washington Redskins


3rd Round (2010)


Strength: Jeremy Jarmon has at times been one of those rare defensive ends who can dominate games against major college competition. Jeremy Jarmon was surprisingly good against the run game in his last season. Jeremy Jarmon is very nimble for his size. Jeremy Jarmon plays smart. Jeremy Jarmon has an ideal defensive end build.
Weakness: Jeremy Jarmon has very raw technique, often getting by on superior quickness. Jeremy Jarmon was used mainly as an attacking defensive end, rather than in containment schemes, in college.
Development: Jeremy Jarmon doesn't have top defensive end size, speed, or quickness at the NFL level, but he figures to be above average in all three areas after spending some time bulking up in the weight room. He was seen as a top 10 defensive end for the 2010 draft, and the Redskins drafted him to basically hold down the end of the bench until 2010. In other words, the Redskins view him as a future star at the DE position, who is very raw at the present. If there is one position the Redskins have really piled up players for 2009, it is the defensive line. The picking up of Jeremy Jarmon in the supplemental draft likely means at least one of the veterans will be cut by the start of the season, as well as several young players. The hope is that by the start of 2010 Jeremy Jarmon will be ready to step in as a pass-rush defensive end on passing downs and become an every down big-play defensive lineman by 2011.
Fantasy Football Rating: Made an awful lot of plays behind the line of scrimmage in college and should be solid NFL player, in a couple years.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Raw. Ideal athleticism/size combination. Productive.

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