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Scott Burley

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Scott Burley was a starter on one of college football's best offensive lines the last two seasons. Scott Burley has a build to match his name. Scott Burley uses his weight to his advantage.
Weakness: Scott Burley does not play particularly strong for his size. Scott Burley was only an average athlete at the college level.
Development: While Scott Burley certainly has the size coaches look for in an offensive tackle, to go with adequate technique, his athleticism and quickness are far below average for any position along the line. Even worse, his overall strength comes up short. Much of this was said by some other scouts about Heyer when he came to the Redskins, but it is even more exaggerated in Scott Burley's case. Still, there are only so many relatively healthy big guys available. The Redskins will likely see if they think he is worth holding onto as a practice squad emergency replacement. His skills would seem to indicate he is more of a guard, but his build and experience are at tackle. If he holds on to the practice squad and dedicates himself to the weight room, he could turn into the type of versatile backup offensive lineman that the team values so much.
Fantasy Football Rating: Uses size well as a runblocker, but don't expect him to play this year without numerous linemen being injured.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal size. Weight room project.

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