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Lendy Holmes

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Lendy Holmes has played a lot of different positions on the football field. Lendy Holmes has the agility to play cornerback. Lendy Holmes is a nifty runner with the football in his hands.
Weakness: Lendy Holmes is not the type of big hitter most NFL teams value at the safety position. Lendy Holmes lacks the straight ahead speed most teams look for in defensive backs.
Development: Lendy Holmes may not be at a position you'll hear a lot about during training camp, but he's coming into an ideal situation for his skills. While the Redskins have four safeties guaranteed to make the roster, the fifth spot, should it exist is wide open. If the Redskins were to carry five safeties, it would likely be for a guy who has the versatility to cover guys one on one, which is exactly what Lendy Holmes brings. Further it would be someone who can play special teams, which is another thing on the football field that Lendy Holmes has done well. If Lendy Holmes can make the right reads and use his quickness and athleticism to compensate for what he lacks in speed, he has a real shot at making the roster. He can help his case by surprising the team with some big hits during the exhibition season. A good showing on defense should be enough to get him on the practice squad. Combine it with good special teams play and it will be a positional numbers game as to whether he makes the roster.
Fantasy Football Rating: Knows what to do with the ball, but about 3 injuries away from any starting consideration this season.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal athlete. Versatile.

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