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Keith Eloi

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Keith Eloi is an explosive runner with the ball in his hands. Keith Eloi is a gifted athlete with great body control. Keith Eloi is an experienced kick returner. Keith Eloi has become an Internet video hit for his jumping ability.
Weakness: Keith Eloi is shorter than ideal for a WR. Keith Eloi wasn't all that productive at very small college programs against weak competition.
Development: Keith Eloi is one of the most interesting free agent rookie stories in the league this year, but the reality is that he finds himself on a team without a roster spot available for a WR. It would take an injury or an unusual decision to carry six wide receivers in the west coast offense for the roster spot to be available. And even then, Eloi faces tough compensation from a draft pick, a veteran, and some other gifted WRs. On top of that, he's the smallest of the WRs brought in by the present coaching staff. In other words, Keith Eloi not only has to make great plays on offense and special teams during training camp, but he has to be mistake free to make the roster. Just to make the practice squad, he'll have to show himself explosive and able to run the right routes consistently. From there, the path to a roster spot is a long one that few Redskin receivers have ever bridged. Basically, he needs a couple injuries and a couple miracles to hold a roster spot. Of the thousands of Keith Eloi's that have come along, there are very few Steve Smiths that make it.
Fantasy Football Rating: Acrobatic receiver who can make things happen after the catch, but only chance at stats this year is kick return game.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Gifted athlete with big play propensity. Raw project player without ideal size.

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