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J.D. Skolnitsky

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent

James Madison

Strength: J.D. Skolnitsky is tall and strong. J.D. Skolnitsky has an ideal combination of athleticism and quickness for a DE. J.D. Skolnitsky was one of the fastest DTs in the draft.
weakness: J.D. Skolnitsky is very thin for a defensive tackle. J.D. Skolnitsky lacks experience at defensive end. J.D. Skolnitsky was less than dominant against less than mediocre talent in college.
Development: J.D. Skolnitsky intrigues NFL coaches and scouts with his build and athleticism. But he is very raw at his natural position, DT, for which he's not really even physically suitable. While he certainly has a frame that could hold more weight, it may not be in his best interests to do so. His size and quickness make him an ideal fit for DE. But, the best offensive linemen he's faced were nothing like anything he'll see on an NFL field at a whole new position. There is nothing to indicate whether he can play DE. So, for now, he is the epitome of a project player. He'll have to work very hard in the weight room, classroom, and film room. Just as importantly, his coaches will have to dedicate special time for him, which isn't a given. To make everything all the more astronomically against him, the roster is stacked at defensive line this year. If he can grow quickly enough the practice squad may be available to him, but he'll really have to show something special in training camp.
Fantasy Football Rating: Has the skills to be a sackman, but not for a couple years.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Tweener. Gifted athlete for his strength and height.

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