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Edwin Williams

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Edwin Williams is an intelligent, experienced center. Edwin Williams works well in small spaces. Edwin Williams is larger and stronger than many centers. Edwin Williams has above average blocking technique coming out of college.
Weakness: Edwin Williams has trouble with fast blitzers in open space. Edwin Williams lacks ideal quickness and agility. Edwin Williams lacks the speed to pull block. Though he has the size to be a run blocker, he doesn't get consistent push up the middle.
Development: Edwin Williams comes out of college as a veteran center who knows his craft. If he can continue learning in training camp, Edwin Williams has an excellent chance to make the roster, or at least the practice squad. Mainly, he'll have to adjust to the tempo of the NFL. If he can do that, he's really the only true center the Redskins have behind Rabach. While the Redskins rarely hold two true centers on the active roster, they may decide to do so if Edwin Williams shows any ability to play guard in an emergency or the team just isn't comfortable relying on a backup tackle as the backup center. A good showing should at least get him a practice squad or speed dial spot on the team.
Fantasy Football Rating: Average center.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Good Size. Experienced. Productive. Ready to go.

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