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Darrel Young

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Darrel Young shows excellent agility, quickness, and speed for someone of his shape. Darrel Young has plenty of experience at MLB to go with limited experience at outside linebacker and strong safety. Darrel Young has shown some pass rush and kick blocking ability.
Weakness: Darrel Young has less height than most teams look for in linebackers. Darrel Young didn't create a lot of turnovers in college.
Development: Darrel Young seems to fit a mold the Redskins have been building for MLB/special teams players since signing Fletcher. He's short, he's stout, he has a history of making a lot of tackles, and he's always around the ball, whether on defense or special teams. Those guys do tend to be readily available at the end of drafts and after drafts, as NFL teams put premiums on bigger MLBs. He has a lot of guys in front of him, but he has some things going for him. The most important one as far as the Reskins are concerned is the versatility to play several positions and make an impact on special teams. He is probably a little faster and more agile than the other three or four MLB with a similar build, though he has shown less propensity for the big play on defense. However, he made some very big special teams plays at Villanova, and that would be all the Redskins would want out of him if he made the roster in 2009 anyways. He has to excel at everything to grab even a practice squad spot this year, but there is room if he does excel.
Fantasy Football Rating: Probably not in 2009, unless it is special teams tackles and kick blocks.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Undersized. Productive. Ready to go. Special teams player.

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