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Chase Daniel

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Chase Daniel was a very prolific passer at the college level against competent competition. Chase Daniel has a lot of game experience.
Weakness: Chase Daniel is considered short for the quarterback position.
Development: Chase Daniel comes in as a mixture of raw technique and a lot of game-time experience. Jim Zorn has shown an affinity for short college QBs who put up big stats in open offenses, and that is Chase Daniel's best hope for making the practice squad. With Zorn's attention to detail when dealing with QBs, Chase Daniel will have to work his tail off just to avoid making a bad impression. If he catches on quickly, which no one really ever has under Zorn, save perhaps Dilfer, his college history of production and his strong arm will make him hard to resist. His chances at a roster spot basically come down to Collins either screwing up badly and getting hurt, in combination with Brennan playing well enough that the Redskins don't feel they need to bring in a veteran backup. Or, Brennan would have to prove uncoachable or get hurt. So, basically, no matter what Chase Daniel's does he won't make the roster without intervention. Down the road he could prove to be something special, as he's proven himself to be someone who performs when it counts and when the pressure is on him. It's just a matter of sticking around early until he gets his chance later.
Fantasy Football Rating: Prolific passer, but not in 2009.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Productive. Raw. Project. Experienced. Undersized.

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