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Eddie Williams

Washington Redskins




Strength: Eddie Williams has experience playing a number of blocking and receiving positions, both from the backfield and at the line. Eddie Williams has reliable hands and makes more athletic adjustments to the ball than most fullbacks. Eddie Williams looks comfortable on deeper routes.
Weakness: Eddie Williams is rather short for an NFL tight end. Eddie Williams isn't a pancake blocker out of the backfield, nor a mauler off the line.
Development: Eddie Williams comes to the Redskins with a similar college playing background to that of Chris Cooley. He has experience as a blocker and receiver from the backfield and both ends of the line. It is interesting that the Redskins used a draft pick on him, as they have a few players like him on the roster already and seemingly no available roster spot. If he excels on special teams, he could find himself as the second fullback and fourth tight end. It all comes down to showing himself as being as comfortable and versatile in the Redskins scheme as he was at Idaho. Long-term, his receiving skills seem more adept for medium range passes from the tight end position, though his height seems more indicative of a fullback. Wherever he plays, his receiving skills will be his forte and his blocking will be adequate. In the short-term, he's fighting an uphill battle for a roster spot. Without an injury or a showing spectacular enough to unseat Yoder or Sellers, he'll probably spend some time on the practice squad.
Fantasy Football Rating: Receiving skills, but way down depth chart in the short-term.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: H-back prototype who should be able to hang around the NFL for quite a while if he can get on an active roster in 2009.

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