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Cody Glenn

Washington Redskins




Strength: Cody Glenn has surprising athleticism and fluid movement for his size. Cody Glenn was considered a legitimate NFL running back prospect before becoming a linebacker. Cody Glenn has some experience at all of the linebacker positions.
Weakness: Cody Glenn had some injury issues in college. Cody Glenn has very little experience at linebacker. Cody Glenn's college days ended with a mysterious suspension.
Development: Cody Glenn is an example of a guy drafted to be a special teams specialist. That is not to say the Redskins are without hope for him at linebacker, just that they don't really know what they have and probably won't for a couple of years. In order to stick around in the NFL, he'll need to do a good job on special teams and show potential to learn all of his assignments on defense. Most athletes of his type never develop into starters in the NFL, but the talent is there. The Redskins must have felt they could gamble on his development as a linebacker project because of his versatility and their present need for a couple good, young, versatile special teams players.
Fantasy Football Rating: Little history to go on, but has athleticism to rack up special teams tackles.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Great athlete: tweener. Project.

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