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Rob Jackson

Washington Redskins



Kansas State

Strength: Rob Jackson has an excellent physical build for the DE position. Rob Jackson held his own against good college competition. Rob Jackson displays above average technique for a college defensive end. Rob Jackson plays smart and tough.
Weakness: Rob Jackson didn't put up particularly impressive college numbers. Rob Jackson isn't particularly fast or quick on the field and times very slow in the 40 for a DE of his build.
Development: In spite of media declarations about the Redskins needing to draft a defensive end early in the draft and them only taking Rob Jackson at that position, Rob Jackson will have to beat the odds to make the roster in 2008. The Redskins actually have a couple of players in their primes coming off of good seasons at the backup DE positions, though they could use more sacks from the starting LE position. To me his skills are more similar to those of a defensive tackle. Rob Jackson is similar in athleticism to Renaldo Wynn, but with far less bulk. There was plenty of talk from the Redskins about trying to find a defensive tackle who could rush the passer, so perhaps they were thinking of trying him as a passing downs defensive tackle when Phillip Daniels needs a rest. Either way, about the only way Rob Jackson will make the roster coming out of the 7th round is to show himself a better pass rusher than he was in college, or for the Redskins to have 2 or 3 defensive linemen go down. He has a lot of work ahead of him, as he would actually have to perform better against NFL competition than he did against college competition. In all likelihood it will take some time for Rob Jackson to develop these skills, if he ever does. He has to show enough this year to get on the practice squad, or take the final defensive lineman roster spot if an opportunity comes. If he can hook on with the team in some capacity and show improvement over the course of the season, he should get a legitimate shot at a steady roster spot in the future.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact in 2008, and probably never, in terms of fantasy stats.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Good body. Sound Fundamentals.

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