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Matteral Richardson

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Matteral Richardson is a bigger CB who plays with aggressiveness and strength. Matteral Richardson is a lock-down man-to-man cornerback who isn't afraid to smack a running back if one happens by him. Matteral Richardson shows good quickness and agility for his size.
Weakness: Matteral Richardson doesn't have typical CB speed.
Development: Matteral Richardson was a bit slow for a college cornerback, but made up for it by pounding physically wearing down his opponents. Whether he can do that against big, well-conditioned NFL players is debatable. Many projected him as a free safety, but I believe the Redskins would like to see what he can do at CB too. The problem is that the Redskins have too many CBs, but if Matteral Richardson shows he can play both positions well his versatility could land him on the practice squad and later the active roster with some injuries. It all comes down to whether Matteral Richardson is able to show the Redskins that he can keep up with NFL receivers at CB and make quick reads and reactions at FS. He definitely has the physical tools special teams coaches look for in his favor. He is a bit of a longshot, but if he can show versatility he has a shot at the NFL.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact in 2008.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Good size, good production, poor speed. Experienced at CB, project at FS: Tweener.

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