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Malcolm Kelly

Washington Redskins




Strength: Malcolm Kelly is a big receiver who has shown the ability to go up and make catches or stretch out and make catches. Malcolm Kelly is very agile for his size. Malcolm Kelly runs precise routes for a college receiver, seemingly getting open at will. Malcolm Kelly had great performances against some of the best college teams in the nation. Though not a speed-burner, Malcolm Kelly always seems to have enough speed to do what he wants to do. He has progressed as a blocker each year in college.
Weakness: Malcolm Kelly puts up less than ideal 40 yard dash times. Malcolm Kelly doesn't play particularly strong, despite his size.
Development: Malcolm Kelly, though he has no experience in an offense like the Redskins have, is probably a more polished receiver prospect than the one taken ahead of him. He doesn't have great speed but he is a fine athlete. Though it will take him some time to learn a completely different way of playing offense, he has shown the natural skills and aptitude for it. He shouldn't have any trouble securing a spot on the roster and being active most weeks, though he may not have the special teams skills to be active for every game. He would have to be my favorite to win the third receiver job out of camp, but the competition really is too close to call with Anthony Mix being a larger receiver with more experience and Devin Thomas being such a gifted athlete. Strangely, the biggest threat to his chances to be the third wide receiver may be that Moss, Randle El, Mix, Thomas, and Thrash all have histories of outstanding special teams play. Over the long term should have a good NFL career if he gets significant playing time before he is forgotten.
Fantasy Football Rating: Could be a red zone machine.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal size. Good athlete. Productive. Malcolm Kelly should be a successful NFL WR once he learns the offense.

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