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Kerry Brown

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent

Appalachian State

Strength: Kerry Brown has an ideal build for an NFL OG. Kerry Brown dominated small college defensive linemen. Kerry Brown plays smart. Kerry Brown has displayed consistently good technique with his hands, feet, and bend.
Weakness: Kerry Brown competed mostly against small, lower-division schools. Kerry Brown doesn't put up particularly impressive workout numbers.
Development: Though he possesses good blocking fundamentals, Kerry Brown is not a polished prospect simply because he hasn't had to perform against strong men at high speeds. It will likely take him some time to develop NFL skills. However, he has a long history of playing time and durability to go with his impressive frame. He is athletically adequate for an NFL lineman and mentally gifted. So there is no reason why he shouldn't be able to pick things up eventually. The biggest problem for him is how much depth the Washington Redskins have on the line. Without a bunch of injuries, which the Redskins showed to be very plausible last year, Kerry Brown is likely competing for the last roster spot and one or two practice squad spots with about five other guys. If he can hold on to one of those and continues to develop he has a good chance of getting an opportunity to play in the NFL late in the season. It is likely he would get some shots at practice squads on other teams if the Redskins let him get away, which is saying something for an undrafted rookie free agent.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact this season.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal build. Production. Intelligent.

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