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Kareem Moore

Washington Redskins



Nicholls State

Strength: Kareem Moore has good agility, acceleration, and quickness for the safety position. Kareem Moore has a thick build. Kareem Moore has a history of production. Kareem Moore showed an improving knack for the ball and knew what to do with the ball when he had it. Kareem Moore is a heavy hitter.
Weakness: Kareem Moore has only a little college experience, and that against relatively weak competition. Kareem Moore is injured and not expected available to practice until late July at best. Kareem Moore is not particularly good in man coverage situations.
Development: Kareem Moore may very well miss his entire first season on injured reserve, and will at least miss most of training camp with a knee problem. It remains to be seen, but he may need surgery. Washington must really like what they see in Kareem Moore to stick by a 6th round pick who comes in with that kind of a situation. What I see is a guy with a strong build who has the athleticism and strength to play either safety position and has shown good ball skills in his limited college career. He is not as sure of a thing as Reed Doughty was as a small-school, late pick, but he has the same type of football smarts and is perhaps a little more physically gifted. Also, both do best when they are not forced to cover a receiver one-on-one. Kareem Moore had a development curve that was still on a sharp rising trend as his college career came to an end. So it is all about projecting how much higher that curve can go. A healthy Kareem Moore was certainly worth at least a sixth round pick, but time will tell if he can recover in time for the first season to be more than a waste. A sixth round pick doesn't turn into much in most cases anyways, so if the Redskins think he has a lot of upside this makes sense. But, don't expect Kareem Moore to be making an impact any time soon, though you will certainly hear it when he does. It will take a while to get healthy and another while to make the technique and flow adjustments to move from a small college conference to the NFL.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact this year. Has shown interception return skills in the past.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Gifted athlete. Dominant against lesser competition. Project.

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