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Justin Tryon

Washington Redskins



Arizona State

Strength: Justin Tryon plays with never-lacking confidence and a short memory, relishing one-on-one matchups. Justin Tryon displays very good body control, agility, and speed in man coverage. Justin Tryon held his own against some of the best receivers in college football. Justin Tryon has shown flashes of special punt return and interception return skills.
Weakness: Justin Tryon is short and small, though he looked a little bigger during pre-draft workouts. Justin Tryon didn't time particularly well in 40s, though he was a top track athlete in high school.
Development: Justin Tryon is basically your typical third-round cornerback, though the Redskins were happy to see him still there in the fourth round. What I mean is that he has all of the skills you typically look for in a cornerback, but not the size everyone covets to cover tall receivers. Just as importantly, he has the short memory and fearless mentality you look for in a cornerback. If he were three inches taller he would have been gone by the end of the first round. He is pretty much ready to play, though of course he will have his learning lumps. His size will always be an issue, but it won't keep him from being successful. Justin Tryon plays like he is in his own world on his own island during games, which should fit in well with what the Redskins like to do, but could be a problem in zone schemes and special coverage/pass rush situations. Unfortunately for Justin Tryon, he is coming to a team that already has three starting quality cornerbacks, an established young nickel cornerback, and a handful of other cornerbacks battling for the number five spot. He may also be competing for a backup punt and kick returner job. I expect Justin Tryon to win the battle and make the roster, though playing time will have to be earned. In the long term he should have a long, successful nfl career.
Fantasy Football Rating: Best fantasy stats would be if he gets kick and punt return duties. Otherwise, average for his position if he starts on defense.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Undersized. Athletic. Ready-to-go.

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