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Jason Goode

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Jason Goode shows good hands, speed, and athleticism for the tight end position.
Weakness: Jason Goode is a bit small for a tight end. Jason Goode wasn't a starter during the bulk of his college time. Jason Goode is a limited blocker.
Development: This is another example of the Redskins taking a local project with some athleticism and a very limited college history and seeing if they can turn him into an NFL player. Jason Goode is going to have to come in and have a great preseason to win a practice squad spot away from Tyler Ecker at TE and a couple other young players at other positions. The Redskins pretty much have three tight ends locked into roster positions and with the overabundance of WRs and OLs fighting for roster spots they are unlikely to add a fourth TE to the roster without a long-term injury at the position. Basically, Jason Goode must show himself to be an NFL caliber blocker, receiver, and special teams player all in his first offseason and training camp in order to hang around in the NFL. If he can do that, there are many examples of tight ends around the NFL that hooked on after a couple years on the practice squad and at the end of the roster based on an ability to do a solid job of everything. One advantage Jason Goode may have over the Tyler Ecker is experience at fullback and h-back, which is something the current Redskins regime plans to do with its tight ends. So it is up to Jason Goode to come in and work extremely hard all during training camp, show some versatility, and see if it pays off down the line. It will all be an uphill battle.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Project. Adequate skills, no history.

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