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JT Mapu

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: JT Mapu has a good defensive tackle frame. JT Mapu is a good athlete and has the athleticism to shift over to defensive end. JT Mapu has a reputation as a hard worker.
Weakness: JT Mapu is already 24 years old. JT Mapu did not put up impressive college statistics. JT Mapu needs to bulk up for the defensive tackle position.
Development: JT Mapu is an interesting signing. JT Mapu has no particular history of production, though he does have plenty of experience in major college football. Washington must feel he has some unreached potential that can perhaps be tapped by the coaches. Or, this signals the team's need for a defensive line upgrade. JT Mapu's best hope is to earn a spot on the practice squad and hang around while he works his tail off for the coaches. The odds are long for even making the practice squad, but if he shows any flashes of brilliance during the offseason and training camp the team does have need of a practice squad DT.
Fantasy Football Rating: No positive impact in 2008 even if he somehow starts.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Project. NFL build. Big college experience. Reach.

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