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Horace Gant

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent

St. Olaf College

Strength: Horace Gant is a big receiver. Horace Gant put up big numbers in college. Horace Gant moves very well for a big man.
Weakness: Horace Gant hasn't played against top notch college football competition. Horace Gant doesn't look like a speed burner.
Development: Talk about coming from the middle of nowhere. I have to admit I hadn't seen this guy play before he got picked up by Washington. I have looked at what I can of him and I must conclude that he is a project, but who knows? He already beat the odds by signing with Washington. Unfortunately, he signed with a team where only a spectacular preseason would get him on the roster. Hopefully he is a good special teams player. If he is impressive in training camp he could be a practice squad WR, but that doesn't tend to turn into big things for WR in the NFL and particularly in Washington. It will be an uphill battle for Horace Gant to stick around, as he battles with three other big receivers with more experience for the 7th WR slot, otherwise known as the practice squad.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal body. Good athleticism. Productive. Project.

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