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Fred Davis

Washington Redskins




Strength: Fred Davis has been extremely productive as a receiver against top notch college competition. Fred Davis is well-built and athletic. Fred Davis is a good run blocker on the outside. Fred Davis sustains pass blocks well. Fred Davis has good hands. Fred Davis shows an awareness of zone seams.
Weakness: Fred Davis gets overpowered when trying to block strong defensive linemen. Fred Davis is not a deep receiving threat, as he isn't particularly fast or quick.
Development: The funny thing about Fred Davis is just how similar he is to Chris Cooley when Chris Cooley came out of college in terms of physical traits and overall ability set. Fred Davis has slightly more speed than Cooley had, but he isn't as refined in blocking technique and doesn't show quite as much football instinct. It is probably no accident the Redskins drafted someone similar to what they are happy to have. Fred Davis should immediately step in as the #2 receiving tight end for the Redskins. He and Cooley will be shifted all around. Both can block in the backfield or on the end of the line. Both can find open space and reliably catch passes out of the backfield, off the end, or split wide. Fred Davis will need to do some more work on his blocking game and overall technique, but he should be a valuable receiving tool from the start. The Redskins can use all of the flexibility he and Cooley will provide to confuse opponents and create matchup problems for opponents in the passing game.
Fantasy Football Rating: Should be red-zone threat. If Cooley were injured he would likely exceed 500 yards and 6 touchdowns as rookie. Only drawback as fantasy player is the Redskins have so many receiving options ahead of him.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Has plenty of development to do, but as a receiver he is a solid, ready-to-go player. Should be a long-tenured pro football player, but pro bowl chances are slim while Chris Cooley is on the same roster.

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