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Durant Brooks

Washington Redskins



Georgia Tech

Strength: Durant Brooks was arguably the best punter in college football over the last two years, showing remarkable improvement in technique, consistency, and accuracy over time. Durant Brooks has a powerful kicking leg. Durant Brooks gets remarkable hang time on his punts. Durant Brooks is an experienced holder for field goals. Durant Brooks is pretty athletic for a punter.
Weakness: Though improved, Durant Brooks' accuracy and consistency have a long way to go to match the better punters in the NFL. Durant Brooks isn't very good on punt coverage.
Development: Some people would criticize drafting a punter, but bad punters or kickers can single-footedly be the downfall of a team in a crucial game. And a sixth round pick? What percentage of sixth round draft picks even make rosters, let alone immediately shore up crucial positions on the field? Nothing against the incumbent, a good locker room presence, but the only way Durant Brooks is a bad pick is if he doesn't make the roster and he's nearly a lock. Durant Brooks still has a lot of untapped upside, but he is already better than Frost. I suspect Durant Brooks would have to go on a shank rampage or Danny Smith would have to hit his head for Durant Brooks to not be the opening day punter. Durant Brooks is an upgrade now and if he continue to improve the way he has the last couple of year he could be among best punters in the league in a year or two.
Fantasy Football Rating: Durant Brooks should put up good punting stats from the start. His hang-times hurt opponent punt returner stats.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ready-to-go. Huge upside (strong leg). Durant Brooks should be a top NFL punter for many years.

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