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Devin Thomas

Washington Redskins



Michigan State

Strength: Devin Thomas not only times well in the 40 for a guy his size, but he plays very quick. Devin Thomas plays with great power for a wide receiver, rarely hesitating to fight through tackles. Devin Thomas had a dominating season against top college competition. Devin Thomas is an accomplished kick returner.
Weakness: Devin Thomas had only one big college season. Devin Thomas seems to create his own unique pass routes as he goes. Devin Thomas seems to have a limited grasp of football strategy, timing, and play design.
Development: Devin Thomas was the top WR prospect in the draft for a variety of good athletic reasons, but he is very raw as a football player. Going to a team that requires quick decisions and precise, timed movements will be a major test for him. I would expect him to struggle in the early going. Hopefully his lack of field awareness was just a matter of being so much more physically gifted as a player than everyone he played against and the shakeup of suddenly going against NFL caliber players will awake in him a talent for precision. In terms of coaching and depth the Redskins are a good destination for him as they have plenty of talent not to press him into things he isn't ready for and can just use his special attributes, speed and strength, until he figures out the rest. His physical tools match those of any receiver in the league, if he can learn to play with precision some day. If not, he at least has the physical tools to immediately step in as a great kick returner.
Fantasy Football Rating: Could have some big plays and be used as a red-zone specialist this season.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Raw prototype WR. Devin Thomas is a project player with nearly unlimited potential physically. If he puts the mental side of the game together he will be in some pro bowls.

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