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Curtis Gatewood

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Curtis Gatewood is a gifted athlete. Curtis Gatewood is very strong. Curtis Gatewood has special teams, linebacker, and defensive end experience. Curtis Gatewood put up impressive sack numbers from the defensive end position during his senior season. Curtis Gatewood does a great job of using speed and sudden moves to compensate for what he lacks in size.
Weakness: Curtis Gatewood is very small for a defensive end. Curtis Gatewood put up marginal statistics at linebacker and defensive end until his senior season at defensive end.
Development: Curtis Gatewood is the classic good-athlete-football-tweener. His greatest skill is pass rushing, but his size is too much of a liability to be a regular defensive end. Fortunately, he does have some linebacker experience, the one position where the Redskins happen to be looking for someone to step up this season. He has good speed, size, and football intelligence for the OLB position, but he has a long way to go to learn that position. The Redskins are probably hoping with his athleticism they can turn him into an adequate linebacker against the run and pass, who can occasionally overwhelm the offense with his accomplished pass rushing ability. He may also be a guy they can line up at defensive end on passing downs and linebacker on running downs. But all of that is probably a bit down the road. He projects as a practice squad player to start 2008 unless an injury leaves a hole that isn't filled by a free agent or trade.
Fantasy Football Rating: Curtis Gatewood had impressive sack numbers in college, but not likely in the NFL in the near future.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Athlete. Tweener. DE undersized. OLB Project.

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