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Colt Brennan

Washington Redskins




Strength: Colt Brennan is a gifted athlete, showing rare body control skills and good speed from the QB position. Colt Brennan shows strong leadership skills on the football field. Colt Brennan makes good decisions with the football and delivers the football accurate. Colt Brennan was a very statistically productive college QB.
Weakness: Colt Brennan was inconsistent against the better college teams. Though he has adequate NFL arm strength, Colt Brennan doesn't have a real strong arm. Colt Brennan did not play in an NFL-style offense. Colt Brennan has a lot of technique issues to work out to play at the NFL level, and some have questioned his work ethic. He has a criminal background.
Development: Colt Brennan has a long way to go before he is ready to lead the Redskins' offense. He definitely has an arm and a knack for making big plays, but he hasn't played in anything like the offense he now must learn. Being injured and unlikely to practice until training camp opens will make it a major challenge for him to be ready to be the number 3 QB on the roster when the season starts, which is rarely a lock for a 6th round QB. However, Colt Brennan has a lot of skills and Jim Zorn's eyes light up whenever the topic of Colt Brennan comes up in conversations. I think the Redskins view Colt Brennan as a second round talent who is virtually a lock to make the roster as the third QB, even though he is far from ready to play in games. Colt Brennan will likely get the most work of any QB during the preseason so he can get a grasp for how fast things move in the NFL and how this offense works. If he shows a positive learning curve, he'll be the true 3rd QB. If he doesn't, he'll likely still be the 3rd QB on active roster, but with a veteran QB picked up to take a spot ahead of him on the roster in the event of an injury to Collins or Campbell. The decision on his future with the Redskins won't be made until the Redskins see how Colt Brennan progresses between now and training camp 2009. In other words, the Redskins will give him all of the chances day #1 draft pick QBs get in order to prove he can adapt his talent to their gameplans. It may take him that long to figure things out at this level, but for some reason he reminds me of Tom Brady both in skills and personality.
Fantasy Football Rating: Though very accurate, Colt Brennan would likely put up high INT totals if he played this year. Gunslinger/TD scrambler to keep an eye on for the future.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Project with ideal body frame, agility, and accuracy. He is being given an opportunity and he has the talent, so success will likely be directly proportional to how hard Colt Brennan works.

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