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Chris Horton

Washington Redskins




Strength: Chris Horton continually made big plays against top college competition. Chris Horton has a reputation for hitting receivers hard. Chris Horton is a very good special teams player. Chris Horton is accomplished both as a free safety and as a strong safety. Chris Horton shows consistent football smarts on the field. Chris Horton is good in man-to-man coverage for a safety.
Weakness: Chris Horton didn't have good combine numbers in any area. Chris Horton doesn't have good hands.
Development: It probably is not irony that Chris Horton is most easily described as a cross between Reed Doughty and Vernon Fox. Like Reed Doughty, Chris Horton makes up for what he lacks physically with playing smarts and aggression. Like Vernon Fox, he has limited physical tools for coverage but plays hard and smart, showing up biggest on special teams. With so many good defensive backs on the roster, Chris Horton will have to quickly flash the special teams skills he showed in college to latch on with the Redskins. If he continues to work hard, his intelligence and aggression could keep him around in the league for a long time after that. He doesn't really have the coverage skills you would seek out in a strong safety, let alone a free safety, but he has experience knocking receivers silly from both positions. He will have to continue to progress in the mental aspects of the game and may need to bulk up some without any more loss in speed in order to prevent being overwhelmed physically by the bigger, quicker, faster receivers that can be found on nearly every team in the league. Basically, if Chris Horton makes it in the NFL, it will be a long hard-fought road that starts with his special teams. He will start his uphill battle with a tough fights for a single roster spot against a rookie drafted ahead of him and a veteran safety who is one of the best special teams players in the NFL. IF he survives that, he should be okay.
Fantasy Football Rating:Hard hitter who can produce fumbles and block kicks, as well as give up long plays.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Intelligent. Aggressive. Productive.

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