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Chad Rinehart

Washington Redskins



Northern Iowa

Strength: Chad Rinehart has a tough guy reputation. Chad Rinehart dominated most of his college opponents. Chad Rinehart has a strong build to play either guard or tackle. Chad Rinehart is more athletic than most offensive linemen, which helps him make firm contact with linebackers and defensive backs when leading the run. Chad Rinehart displays very strong field awareness and football smarts on the field.
Weakness: Chad Rinehart hasn't had to face many college defensive lineman capable of even making an NFL practice squad. Though athletic, Chad Rinehart tends to look robotic when shifting quickly.
Development: Some scouts actually projected Chad Rinehart for the end of the draft or rookie free agency. I strongly disagree, and apparently so did the Washington Redskins. When the Redskins drafted Dockery in the 3rd round a few years ago, they knew they had a 1st round quality player falling into their lap. When the Redskins drafted Chad Rinehart in the 3rd round this year, they may have gotten a tougher, more polished lineman than Dockery was at that time. That is high praise of another third round pick, but Chad Rinehart applies punishment to defenders even though he isn't as large as Dockery. The Redskins are likely to groom Chad Rinehart as a left guard initially. If he progresses as well as I expect during training camp he could be a primary backup option at left guard and left tackle this season. Chad Rinehart isn't ready to be a starter in the NFL, especially at guard, but he has the tenacity and skills to ensure that he will be one some day if injuries don't intervene. If he is impressive enough in camp, the Redskins are likely to decide they've found their left guard of the future, starting as early as next season unless injuries make it happen this season. The one thing Chad Rinehart brings to this team that is has sorely needed for years is a left guard who can pull and lead the run. That part of his game is ready to go, so when his technique, reads, and pass blocking skills catch up to his run blocking skills and he better learns the nuances of playing the guard position, you can expect to see him on the football field. Since he hasn't done it against a lot of top competition yet, Chad Rinehart may struggle early but he has plenty of talent and heart to come out of it a quality offensive lineman in the NFL.
Fantasy Football Rating: If he is in at left tackle this season, the pass game may suffer slightly. If he is in at left guard this season the run game could get a major boost and the pass game take a slight cut. Anywhere else he would be a slight drop off in both the run and pass games this season.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Chad Rinehart is an ideal lineman mentally and physically. Whether he is a serviceable backup or a top notch NFL starter just comes down to how hard he works and how he adjusts to the speed, power, and instincts of NFL players.

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