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Andrew Crummey

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Andrew Crummey is a smart and instinctive blocker. Andrew Crummey has a lot of college experience at OG. Andrew Crummey has shown himself to be a very powerful run blocker who can hold a block, especially when he gets his hands positioned. Andrew Crummey is a good pass blocker.
Weakness: Andrew Crummey is coming off of an injury. Andrew Crummey is a little tall for the center position. Andrew Crummey put up some abysmal workout numbers, but he was hurt.
Development: I have no idea why Andrew Crummey chose San Diego over the local team, but fortunately San Diego quickly released him. That was a dumb move by the San Diego Chargers. Andrew Crummey is a rare rookie free agent who has a good shot to make the opening day roster, even though the team has a lot of depth at his position. The key will be how quickly he can pick up the center position, even though he is primarily a guard. The Redskins only have one natural center on the roster, and about five guys taking turns trying to learn it to be the #2 backup. Andrew Crummy probably has the build, smarts, and athleticism to get the job done there better than any of the other young offensive linemen. In fact, if you want some evidence of just how good Andrew Crummy is, he was widely considered the best offensive lineman at Maryland in 2006 when he was teamed up with Stephon Heyer. Hopefully, a rash of injuries won't be what leads Andrew Crummey down a similar path. But, injuries to Andrew Crummey are why he was available to the Redskins as a rookie free agent. He should be healthy enough to participate in the Redskins offseason. He is experienced at the college level and I don't expect it to take long before he is NFL ready. He is heady enough to learn the center position and learn to make the line calls in one training camp, though I wouldn't throw him out onto the field to do that this season unless injuries necessitate it. I think he will stick with Washington in some capacity and blossom into a fine NFL lineman under Joe Bugel.
Fantasy Football Rating: Andrew Crummey makes the running game go.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ready-to-go. Smart. Natural.

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