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Tyler Ecker

Washington Redskins




Strength: Tyler Ecker has a reputation as an intelligent, hard-working player. Tyler Ecker has an excellent combination of height and strength. Tyler Ecker makes good decisions on the field.
Weakness: Tyler Ecker is a bit too thin for a blocking tight end. Tyler Ecker did not catch many passes, despite receiving a great deal of playing time. Tyler Ecker has only been an average blocker as a tight end at the college level.
Development: Tyler Ecker is one of those guys who hasn't done anything spectacular at the college level, but hasn't embarrassed himself either. Likewise, he has no spectacular athletic gifts, but he does have the body design scouts look for in a tight end. And, he does have a lot of experience playing for a major college football program. Tyler Ecker is probably not ready technique-wise to be a major contributor at the NFL level as a blocker or receiver. He has some filling out to do as well. Look for him to battle for the last tight end roster spot. Because the Redskins already have a veteran blocking tight end and a good young receiving tight end, Tyler Ecker has about a 50% chance of making the roster as a developmental project. If he does make the roster this year, it will be because he has shown an aptitude to learn quickly as both a receiving and a blocking tight end. Even if he doesn't make the roster, he would be a virtual lock for the practice squad unless the Redskins are very disappointed with what they see during mini-camps. A few years down the road, he could become a solid NFL tight end, if he can hang on long enough.
Fantasy Football Rating: Only impact in near future would be a small impact as blocker.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal body. Project player.

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